DESCRIPTION: Dassault Systèmes' certification program provides customers, users, partners and students with a globally valuable index for measuring their knowledge and skills against market norms and promoting their proved competency within the PLM ecosystem.

The certification program also offers valuable feedback on training programs by providing a quantitative before-and-after measurement of trainees' acquired skills. Dassault Systèmes certification is in continuously increasing demand as a skill differentiator required by the industry.


For Individuals

Certification is a key success factor for Students and Individuals to obtain better paid job opportunities and increased recognition.

Key benefits are

  • Increased employability
  • Better paid job opportunities
  • Salary increase
  • Career recognition
For Organizations

Certification program provides your organization with a valuable index to measure the skills and expertise of your employees, teams, partners, subcontractors, and potential hires.

Key benefits are

  • Increased ability to deliver quality projects
  • Increased capacity to hire skilled people and new talents
  • Increased competitiveness within the industry market
  • Valuable indicator for organizations' educational programs
Different tracks across these levels respond to career needs. Tracks correspond to CATIA products.We offer training on CATIA V5 DASSAULT Certification of different levels.

It is the Senior Level. It certifies the advanced level of knowledge within a track.3 Tracks of CATIA V5 Certification Program

  1. Part Design,
  2. Assembly Design, and
  3. Surface Design.

Tracks can be taken in any order (no prerequisite tracks). The Specialist level must be completed before the Expert one. To become 'Expert' in a given track, you are required to pass first the 'Specialist' level exam, then the 'Expert' one.Expert Level Certificates are version specific and do not expire. However, it is recommended you keep your expert certification current.Anybody who passes a CATIA V5 Exam is a CATIA Certified Professional.

Certificates are Brand - Version - Track - Level specific.


Eligibility: Anybody who knows CATIA. (Basic Knowledge in each track is MUST)

If you want to take up a training to become a EXPERT, Do apply here Mentioning the track.

It is the high-end level. It certifies the highest level of knowledge and expertise within a domain.To become 'Master' in a given domain, you are required to pass all exams levels in the different domain's tracks plus a live practice session.Anybody who passes a CATIA V5 Exam is a CATIA Certified Professional.

Eligibility: Anybody undergone Domain Specified CATIA training or have Experience in working with CATIA. (Deep Knowledge in each track is MUST)

If you want to take up a training to become an MASTER, Do apply here.