SKill M.Tech

Industry linked In Collaboration with Centurion University

Gone are the days when all you needed was to learn through Post Graduation with just theoretical knowledge and very limited practical aspects. To get into a dream career of Product Design Engineer in a firm, you definitely need domain knowledge and Industry Working Methodologies. The best way to earn this - Work in the Industry!


Stand out from the Crowd

• Industry Linked program with Automotive Product Design Specialization and Robotics Specialization

• Industry Ready Labs during First year. (More Practical oriented)

• First year in University Campus including Internship with Industry Engagement.

• Second year live job experience in best Automotive product design and Robotics companies.


• M Tech (Design & Mfg.) from CENTURION UNIVERSITY

• 1st Year Internship from AcCEPT

• 2nd Year Onsite Experience @ Client Location/ Intern Experience @ Pioneer Design

• Stipend* of 8,500 INR per month will be paid during the entire program, during 2nd year intership, if the student is selected for the client projects, a starting salary of 2.4Lac/year will be given in lieu of stipend.

• On completion of the program students will have M.Tech from Centurion University, One year of Internship Certificate, and One year of Onsite/Intern experience and a continued job.